TikTok Twist on Dairy Delight

“Cottage Cheese Renaissance: A TikTok Twist on Dairy Delight”

In 2024, cottage cheese is shedding its undeserved bad reputation, thanks to a surprising resurgence on TikTok. Despite historically being on the receiving end of disdain in food surveys, cottage cheese experienced a revival last year, all thanks to inventive TikTok creators who incorporated it into a variety of recipes, ranging from cookie dough to a tangy mustard dip. This transformation has been welcomed by many, including Eater.com reporter Amy McCarthy, who has become an enthusiastic advocate for this dairy product.

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McCarthy confesses to once being a cottage cheese skeptic, attributing her initial aversion to years of dieting and attempts to substitute it for decadent desserts. However, a chance discovery on a Pinterest board opened her eyes to the savory potential of cottage cheese.

Mixing it with melted cherry tomatoes and fresh basil turned out to be a revelation for her taste buds. Now, cottage cheese has become a regular part of her breakfast and snack routine, providing a quick and easy alternative on days when she doesn’t feel like cooking a more elaborate meal.

TikTok Twist on Dairy Delight

The reporter emphasizes the importance of choosing the right brand of cottage cheese, acknowledging personal preferences regarding curd size and fat content. McCarthy recommends Good Cultures and Cabot Creamery as reliable choices, while also mentioning the upcoming vegan option from Miyoko’s Creamery. However, she strongly advises against Daisy, citing its undesirable texture with tiny, identical cubes.

To address the common complaint about cottage cheese’s lumpy consistency, McCarthy suggests a simple solution: using a blender. A few pulses transform cottage cheese into a thick and creamy texture, making it suitable for standalone consumption or as an addition to various dishes, such as dips, soups, and even pancake batter.

Whether blended, spiced with hot sauce, or paired with fruit, McCarthy advocates for cottage cheese to reclaim its place at the breakfast table. Recognizing the unique love-hate relationship people have with this dairy product, she sees the current era of ever-evolving food trends as an opportunity to appreciate the enduring simplicity of cottage cheese, waiting patiently in the dairy case for a rediscovery of its greatness.


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